March 28, 2018


CНRYSO Group – is the leader in admixtures for construction materials.

Our mission

  • Expertise: chemicals for construction materials.
  • Positioning: leader in France.
  • Solutions:  admixtures for concrete and additives for cement…
  • Distribution channels: the products distributed on the French market are designed and manufactured in France.
  • Export: CHRYSO is also well positioned in export markets
  • Part of a French Group: a subsidiary of a French independent Group (with LBO France as its majority shareholder)
  • Markets and typology of our customers:
    • CONCRETE: Ready-mix concrete plants, Precast plants, applicators (Screed and Aesthetics)
    • CEMENT: cement manufacturers

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete industrials, precast manufacturers, and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation, and knowledge of construction materials.

An innovative company

20% of our staff work in R&D

55% of our turnover are generated thanks to products which are under 5 years old
3% of our turnover are invested every year in R&D

Innovation is in our DNA

CHRYSO has long been investing in a strategy aimed at developing new solutions to keep our customers satisfied by continually improving the fulfillment of their economical and technical needs. Our company provides a wide range of products in constant evolution, which offers optimized solutions to our customers’ daily issues.

CHRYSO– major world player and leader in the market of admixtures and additives for concrete, cement, and gypsum. Always looking to be more innovative, CHRYSO significantly invests in Research and Development. As a result, many products are marketed each year, and patents are filed regularly. 20 sites around the world are equipped with modern industrial tools, for the production of new generation polymers and formulated products. CHRYSO Group makes it a priority to respect and protect the environment.

CHRYSO combines all these success key factors to offer you a complete range of products that meets the strictest technical standards and approvals, together with quality services.

RDB Industrial Supply exclusively offers its customers various chemistry products made by CHRYSO Group for the concrete production process. Our company is an official representative of CHRYSO®  brand products for Ready-mix concrete producers, Precast concrete manufacturers, and General contractors in the Baltic region.

CHRYSO products improve concrete performance, production, workability, aesthetics, and sustainability.